Otter (midwater) Trawl

Station: Otter Trawl / L.A. Harbor
Date: 10/13/18, 10:21 pm
Conditions: 62°F, cloudy, light winds
Latitude: 33° 44' 19" N to 33°44'15"N
Longitude: 118° 13' 57" W to 118°14' 14"W

Flora & Fauna:
Common Name Scientific Name Total Captured Method
of Take
Pacific angel shark shark Squatina californica 1 otter trawl released
Slough anchovy Anchoa delicatissima 1 otter trawl released
Crab, Spider Sea sp. Pycnogonida 1 otter trawl released
White croaker Genyonemus lineatus 25 otter trawl released
Topsmelt smelt Atherinops affinis 1 otter trawl released
California lizardfish Synodus lucioceps 6 otter trawl released
Unspecified midshipman Porichthys sp. 1 otter trawl released
Target shrimp Sicyonia penicillata 6 otter trawl released

We use a method called "Otter Trawling" to collect pelagic (swimming) organisms.
"Otter" refers to the rectangular boards on the net. Hydrodynamic forces act on the boards, keeping them
apart and the net open.

All organisms were returned to the ocean.