Otter (midwater) Trawl

Station: Otter Trawl / L.A. Harbor
Date: 3/17/18, 3:21 pm
Conditions: 62°F, sunny, WSW 13 mph
Latitude: 33° 43' 45" N to 33°44'3"N
Longitude: 118° 14' 9" W to 118°14'4"W

Flora & Fauna:
Common Name Scientific Name Total Captured Method
of Take
Crustacean - Swimming Crabs Portunus xantusii 15 otter trawl released
Fish - Barred Sand Bass Paralabrax nebulifer 1 otter trawl released
Flatfish - California Halibut Paralichthys californicus 1 otter trawl released
Flatfish - Spotted Turbot Pleuronichthys ritteri 3 otter trawl released
Fish - California Lizardfish Synodus luciocepsis 1 otter trawl released
Flatfish - Tonguefish Symphurus atricaudus 1 otter trawl released
Ray - Round Stingray Urolophus halleri 40 otter trawl released
Shrimp - Target Shrimp unknown 2 otter trawl released
Ray - Thornback ray Raja clavata 3 otter trawl released

We use a method called "Otter Trawling" or Midwater Trawling to collect pelagic (swimming) organisms.
"Otter" refers to the rectangular boards on the net. Hydrodynamic forces act on the boards, keeping them
apart and the net open.

All organisms were returned to the ocean.