Welcome! These field trips are designed to give you a basic introduction to the Geology of the Southern Calfornia area. Right now the trips focus on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, but more trips will be added in the future.


At California State University, Los Angeles, an 8 hour field trip is required for all Geol 1500 students. My field trip highlights the geology of the Palos Verdes Peninsula: Coastal erosion, Miocene-aged rocks, the Portuguese Bend Landslide, folding & faulting, among other topics.


The Oceanography Class at CSULA (Geol 1550) requires two field trips as a part of the course circiculum: a four-hour oceanographic boat trip and a four-hour coastal field trip. Pasadena City College's Oceanography Field Class (Geol 12F) has four required eight hour field trips: and eight hour trip following the Arroyo Seco from headlands to the confluence of the Los Angeles River, a visit to two Coastal Wetlands, a four-hour oceanographic boat trip, and an eight hour trip along the Palos Verdes coast to look at coastal erosion and beach processes.

Master's Thesis

My master's thesis was on a lateritic paleosol in the Silverado Formation in Irvine.

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