Coastal Processes: Cabrillo Beach, CA

Tide Pools

The wave cut terrace that forms the tide pool areas.

The bedrock that forms the marine terrace/tide pools are a part of the Monterey Formation, Altamira Shale Member, and include siltstones, diatomite, sandstones and conglomerates.

Green sea anemone

Purple sea urchins in their burrows, circa 2011.

Brown cowrie

A chiton

A sea hare.

Sea Hare = Aplysia californica)

Sea Hare = Aplysia californica)

Sea Grass and Kelp

Sea grass on bedrock. If you look closely, you can see kelp in the waves. Just offshore from the tide pool area is a small kelp forest.

Siltstone boulder = about 1.5 m high) showing several angular unconformities = yellow lines). Angular unconformities form when bedding become tilted at some angle, then the surface is eroded; the beds = white lines) are now at an angle to the erosional surface. Mouse over image to see the interpreted image.