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Stop #3: Clear Creek Interpretive Center

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(Angeles Crest Highway (California Highway 2) and Angeles Forest Highway (County Highway N3))

The intersection of Angeles Crest Hwy and Angeles Forest Hwy is a gap or saddle, as it separates a set of straight, east-west trending canyons: Clear Creek is to the west and the Arroyo Seco to the east. It is at this point that the formerly roughly northwest trending path of the Arroyo Seco turns and heads east in a straight canyon towards Red Box Gap. Thus, the San Gabriel Fault is not only responsible for the change in direction of the Arroyo Seco, but is also the reason for the series of east-west trending canyons trending through the San Gabriel Mountains.

Looking east at Arroyo Seco Canyon. The peak off in the distance is Mount Lawlor (Elevation: 1815 m / 5957 ft)