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Stop #9: Marsh Park

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2944 Gleneden St, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Plans to revitalize the Los Angeles River began in 1988 when California Assemblyman Richard Katz proposed to put a freeway where the river was. This upset a lot of people, and river advocacy groups formed, determined to save the river. Eventually former Mayor Tom Bradley joined the conservations and in the 1990s a taskforce was created to explore making the river into a recreational destination with open space parks, trails and bike paths, etc. Good ideas sometimes take a while to come to fruition. Currently, 11 miles of the river – from Burbank to the 110 Freeway – have been revitalized.

Marsh Park is located within the Los Angeles River Greenway and an area known as the Glendale Narrows. This nine-mile section of the Los Angeles River has a “soft” –natural instead of concrete – bottom. Thus the river has reverted back to a natural state, with plants and animals native to the area making a comeback. In addition to park amenities such as a walking path, playground, etc., the park provides access to the river. It is a “put in” spot for kayakers, canoers, and is a popular spot for fishing.